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GreenMag-Newcastle Program on CO2 Sequestration by Mineral Carbonation in NSW

Garnaut states "If the coal industry is to have a long-term future in a low-emissions economy, then it will have to be transformed into near-zero emissions from source to end use by mid century...  Priority should be given to the resolution of whether a near-zero coal future is even feasible, either partially or in total."
(The Garnaut Climate Change Review, Garnaut 2008)

A possible alternative to geosequestration is mineral sequestration, involving the reaction of CO2 with naturally occurring minerals to form alkali earth metal carbonates.  Mineral sequestration is potentially a low risk, high capacity CO2 storage option.

Large deposits of suitable minerals are located in the New England region of NSW, within 150 km of Hunter Valley power stations offering potential for low cost storage of CO2.  GreenMag Group Pty Limited and its research partner, the University of Newcastle, are developing novel low-cost CCS processes based on mineral sequestration. The processes produce magnesium carbonate (MgCO3), trapping CO2 in a stable form removing the need for ongoing site monitoring.  Sufficient mineral resources are available in NSW to store NSW power stations emissions for hundreds to thousands of years once feasibility of mineral sequestration on an industrial scale is proven.